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TruFit Adaptive Fitness


Welcome to the TruFit Adaptive Fitness Program, the all-inclusive workout designed for individuals and teams with different abilities!

Browse Exercises, Build Workouts, join a Coach, Challenge Friends, Track Progress, Earn Rewards and more with this Functional Fitness Program developed specifically for you!

Great for all ages and ability levels with participant and coach instructions, exercise videos featuring adaptive athletes, setup tips, custom adjustments, and everything you need to help create fun and successful workouts you Can Do Every day!

We all know the importance exercise has on us living and feeling our best. Science has proven the benefits, but the results can go beyond measure. Feeling strong, confident, independent, and courageous can help us to achieve goals we once thought were impossible. The TruFit Adaptive Fitness Program helps individuals and groups reach those goals by providing a easy to use application for exercise discovery all the way through mastery and peer leadership.

Great for individuals, families, neighborhood teams, school clubs, P.E., disability organizations, adaptive sport coaches, personal trainers, special needs, respite providers, caretakers, outstanding aides and more. This is the workout we've all been looking for!

Stay engaged with weekly LIVE workouts, library updates, fitness challenges and team interactions. This App can be used every day to create fun and functional workouts that are great for everyone who participates!

Explore workouts that focus on Accuracy, Strength, Balance, Stability, Coordination, Endurance, Flexibility, Mobility, Cardiovascular health, Pattern work and Teamwork.

Filtering options allow you to select your ability, focus, equipment, or favorites so you can find the workout that is prefect for you.

The TruFit Adaptive Fitness program has been used by both individuals and organizations to create fitness programs that work.

Our athletes and teams are diverse and cooperative. From Independent users to athletes that need full coaching support. This program considers all participants, their friend’s safety, and enjoyment. TruFit's content team consists of individuals with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Limb Differences, Spina Bifida, SCI, TBI, MS, AMC, Amputations and more. Our community approach allows for role models and peer leaders to grow while helping newcomers and friends who need our assistance the most.

Get started by creating an athlete profile, uploading your picture, and browsing workouts. You can also save favorite exercises, join a team, and try out exercise challenges that earn you badges and rewards. It is so simple to get started and so much fun as you keep going.

Consistency is essential to a good exercise program. The best workout is the one you keep coming back to do. That is why our TruFit Adaptive Fitness Program is designed to be your long-term partner on your lifelong wellness journey.

Throughout life things change, people graduate, programs stop, and helpers move but our fitness doesn't have to sacrifice. Therefore, TruFit is here to provide information and support with you wherever you go. As new programs start up and new friends are made, your TruFit Adaptive fitness profile will help to ensure everyone is always on track, doing what they love!

Download now and get started today!